Pit Licence Amendment - Marsh Pit - Johnston Bros. - 6337 & 6385 Marion Street


Johnston Bros. (Bothwell) Limited operates a sand and gravel pit located in the northern part of Lot 16, Concession 4, North of Thames River (NTR), Geographic Township of North Dorchester, now the Municipality of Thames Centre, County of Middlesex (Figure 1).

The pit is known as the Marsh Pit, Licence ID Number 608781 issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). The MNRF licence complies with the standard for Category 3, Class A licence to mine aggregates 1.5 m above the established water table. The licensed area is 18.5 hectares.

In this report, the licensed area is referred to as Marsh Pit, or the Site. Operations at the Marsh Pit commenced in late summer of 2009. Novaterra Environmental Ltd. (hereinafter Novaterra) was authorized by Johnston Bros. (Bothwell) Limited to carry out a hydrogeological evaluation of the Site. This report shall form part of a submission to the MNRF to comply with the requirements of the Aggregate Resources Act. That is, to amend the existing site plan and to also include aggregate extraction from below the groundwater table.

The reports and plans are available in paper copy at the Municipal Office to view.