Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update - Executive Summary


The Municipality of Thames Centre is one of eight lower tier municipalities in Middlesex County situated within the Upper Thames River basin. The Municipality comprises a 2016 census population of 13,191, with approximately half the population located within the Municipality’s two urban areas, Dorchester and Thorndale. The Municipality of Thames Centre’s water and wastewater servicing is operated under a single-tier system. The Municipality is responsible for the water supply, storage facilities and the distribution system; as well as wastewater treatment, pumping stations and the sewer collection system.

The Municipality of Thames Centre retained GM BluePlan Engineering Limited (GM BluePlan) to complete the Waster and Wastewater Master Plan Update which provides the review and development of water and wastewater servicing strategies for servicing within the Municipality. The Master Plan uses population and employment growth forecasts based on anticipated growth to buildout of the urban areas. The Study Area for the Master Plan focuses on the existing service areas within the Communities of Dorchester and Thorndale, but also provides comment on municipal water and wastewater servicing for areas peripheral to the urban areas where the Municipality currently does not provide municipal servicing. The study area is shown in Figure ES-1.

The 2019 Master Plan Update builds on the 2008 Water and Wastewater Master Plan, as well as the 2018 Development Charges Background Study Report – Water and Wastewater Servicing. The Master Plan Update is a critical component in the Municipality’s planning for growth and will provide the framework and vision for the water and wastewater servicing needs to Buildout.

(This is an attachment to Council Report No. ES-015-19, from the Director of Environmental Services dated August 12, 2019, re 2019 Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update)