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The Municipality of Thames Centre owns and operates the Dorchester Union Cemetery.
In addition, the Municipality maintains seven other abandoned cemeteries throughout the Municipality, those being the Bowers Cemetery, Cobble Hill Cemetery, Derwent Cemetery (Fifth Concession), Gladstone Baptist Cemetery, Harrietsville Anglican Cemetery, Nilestown Baptist Cemetery and Purdy Cemetery.

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Union Cemetery

2251 Dorchester Road

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Bowers Cemetery

22581 Purple Hill Road

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Cobble Hill Cemetery

21560 Cherry Hill Road

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Derwent Cemetery
(Known as the Fifth Concession Cemetery)

135 Westminster Drive

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Gladstone Baptist Cemetery

4895 Dorchester Road
S_sign_harrietsvillecemetery.jpg (6021 bytes) Harrietsville Anglican Cemetery

2275 Harrietsville Drive
S_sign_nilestownbaptistcemetery.jpg (6792 bytes) Nilestown Baptist Cemetery

2980 Hamilton Road
 S_sign_purdycemetery.JPG (4559 bytes) Purdy Cemetery

2759 Gladstone Drive



For inquiries please contact:

Margaret Lewis, Cemetery Manager
Phone 519-268-7334 Ext. 222
Fax 519-268-3928


Joanne Fuller, Executive Assistant (Council/CAO/Clerk)
Phone 519-268-7334 Ext. 227