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Dorchester Community Park & Facilities

The Community Center and Arena complex was built in 1976. Funding for the project was greatly enhanced by a generous grant from Wintario. The complex has been improved and expanded as time progressed and is an excellent multi-purpose facility. A new fire hall was built in the southwest corner of the park in 1995. The relocation was necessary due to the old fire hall being attached to the municipal office, where expansion was very limited.

A well stocked snack bar is operated at the ball park  in the summer months to serve hungry fans and players. It is operated by the Dorchester District Athletic Association (DDAA). The Pavilion is located in the park and is utilized by residents and local businesses to host summer picnics. It's equipped with running water and washroom facilities are nearby at the main pool

This map can be zoomed in and out. You can also pan around. Hold the mouse pointer over the map. When it turns into a hand hold your left mouse button down and drag the map image in the opposite direction that you want to view.

An excellent batting practice enclosure is situated between Diamonds 1 and 2. It was purchased and installed by the Dorchester District Athletic Association and is operated by that group.

Diamonds 1, 2, 3 and 4 belong to the municipality, while Diamonds 5, 6 and 7 are utilized through a sharing agreement with River Heights Public School. All seven diamonds are well cared for by our Recreation staff. Diamonds 1 and 2 are well lighted and very busy, with back to back night games often being played on each field.

Our diamonds are highly regarded by both local users and visiting teams, and are considered to be very safe and excellent to play on.


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