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Thames Valley District School Board

The Thames Valley District School Board is one of the largest public boards in Ontario and serves an area that spans 200 km from Rodney to Tavistock and Glencoe to Norwich, over 7,000 square kilometres.

1250 Dundas St
London, Ontario
N5W 5P2

(519) 452-2000

Dorchester Cooperative Nursery School

Nursery school - parent participation not required. Children 30 months to 5 years. Children with special needs welcome.

2066 Dorchester Rd,
Dorchester, Ontario
N0L 1G3
(519) 268-7911

Holy Name of Mary School

(519) 284-2170

West Nissouri Public School

West Nissouri, built in 2009, is a JK-8 school with approximately 348 students. This 2-storey, 39,000 square foot school includes 15 classrooms, a large well-equipped gym with a craft room, a beautifully designed library and a state of the art computer lab.

37 Elliott Trail
Thorndale, Ontario,
N0M 2P0
(519) 461-9575

Lord Dorchester Secondary School View Map

A small high school in south-western Ontario, Canada, with a student population of just under 600 students.

61 Queen St
Dorchester, Ontario
N0L 1G0
(519) 268-7351    

Medway Secondary School

Home of the Cowboys! Medway High School is a composite school located north of London on Medway Road in Arva, Ontario.

14405 Medway Road,
Arva, Ontario.
N0M 1C0
(519) 660-8418

Northdale Central Public School View Map

At Northdale Central, we have 17 classrooms  of Grades 4 to 8. The school property consists of 10 acres which is bordered by a conservation park, railway property and a Catholic school.

3860 Catherine Street
Dorchester, Ontario
N0L 1G0
(519) 268-7862    

River Heights Public School View Map

Classes of JK up to grade 3. Located 3 kilometers east of London in Dorchester, Ontario, River Heights serves a mix of rural and urban students.

4269 Hamilton Road
Dorchester, Ontario
N0L 1G3
(519) 268-7884    

St. David Catholic School View Map

St. David Catholic School is a friendly learning environment situated in the family oriented village community of Dorchester. The school opened in 1963. St. David has a current enrolment of 300 students that is representative of 174 families.

3966 Catherine Street, Box 340
Dorchester, Ontario
N0L 1G0
(519) 660-2779
St. Joseph's Separate School
(519) 461-0510

St. Marys DCVI

338 Elizabeth Street, Box 970,
St. Marys, Ontario
N4X 1B6
(519) 284-1731
St. Robert's Separate School 1958 Duluth Cres
London, Ontario
N5V 1H7
(519) 453-3770    

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