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Fence-Viewer Requests

The Line Fences Act requires the Council of every local municipality to appoint Fence-Viewers.  The Act further requires three (3) Fence-Viewers to attend a viewing.  A Form 1 (Owner's Request for Fence-Viewers - Dispute) must be submitted to the Clerk for a request for Fence-Viewers to attend, view and arbitrate in the matter of a dispute over the responsibility for a line fence marking the boundary between an owner of land and an adjoining landowner.  The boundary line between the lands must not be in dispute.  The Clerk must reject the application if the dispute is about a boundary line.  Once the Clerk determines to proceed with the application, a fee in the amount of $225.00 is required to start the process.


Owner's Request for Fence-Viewers - Dispute - Form 1 

Line Fences Act


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