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By-Law Enforcement

Mauro Castrilli
Building Inspector / By-Law Enforcement Officer
519-268-7334 x 240
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Aaron Stewardson
Chief Building Official / By-Law Enforcement Officer
519-268-7334 x 225
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Animal Control By-law

Animal Licensing

Dog Tags are to be renewed on an annual basis. The renewal fee is due on February 28th of each calendar year. Tags are to be kept each year unless lost or damaged, then it shall be replaced. 

Owner Responsibilities

Every owner of a dog is required to obtain a license for their dog. Persons who fail to purchase a dog license are eligible to be fined under the Provincial Offenses Act. 
To register a new dog, please find the appropriate applications below:

Schedule A - Dog License Application

Schedule B - Dangerous Dog License Application

The following is a listing of fees for dog licenses:
First dog in any household $20.00
Second and any subsequent dog in any household $30.00
Kennel License Fee $125.00

Animal Control
Stray Dogs - The Municipality contracts the services of Hillside Kennels Animal Control to assist in animal control matters. Hillside Kennels Animal Control (1-888-469-3247) will make special calls to pick up stray dogs which are confined.

Dog Waste - Every owner of a dog shall remove forthwith, and sanitarily dispose of waste left by the dog on municipal property, roadsides, ditches and parks.
Leash Law

Running At Large - If you observe a dog running at large, please contact the municipal office. The running at large of dogs is prohibited within the municipality. Every dog within the Township when not confined to the dwelling or property of its owner or of the person having the care or custody of the same, shall at all times be restrained upon a leash and in charge of some person.

Any person who wishes to obtain a kennel license, must complete an application form. Application forms are available at the municipal office and the fee is $125.00 per year. There are certain zoning requirements and standards for kennels so make sure to contact the municipal office before building any type of kennel structure, etc.

Schedule C - Kennel License Application

Overnight Parking

Reminder that overnight parking is not permitted on any Municipal roads between the hours of 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. year round, according to By-law 35-2017


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