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Recycling and Garbage collection is provided by Miller Waste Systems Inc.

Miller Waste Systems Inc.
90 Enterprise Dr.,
London, ON
N6N 1A8
Tel: 519 668-0072
Fax: 519 668-0983

Recycling is collected weekly on a year-round basis. Garbage is collected weekly from April to October, and bi-weekly from November to March.

Further details, a collection calendar, pickup dates and bulk waste collection information can be found here:

Winter Bi-weekly Curbside Garbage Schedule will start the week of November 6, 2017.
Recycling will continue to be picked up weekly.

Weekly garbage collection will begin again starting the week of April 2, 2018.

Holidays - The curbside waste/recycling collection schedule remains unchanged for any statutory holidays, except Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Refer to your Thames Centre Garbage & Recycling Calendar for details.

One Page 2019 Collection Schedule

2018-2019 Waste Reduction Calendar

2019 Bulk Waste Flyer 

If you did not receive a calendar or require a replacement, copies are available at the Thames Centre Municipal Office or at the Thorndale Post Office.

Route Map

Thames Centre provides curbside recycling collection on a weekly basis all year round through our Blue Box program. Since 2007, our switch to weekly recycling collection has increased winter collection tonnage by 16%.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Image of containers used for Thames Centre's Blue Box program

Stream #1

Includes: cereal, detergent, cracker & tissue boxes (empty & flatten), catalogues, computer paper, flyers, envelopes, magazines, phone books white & light coloured writing paper & egg cartons.
Cardboard includes (clean) pizza boxes, appliance & packing boxes

ALWAYS flatten and tie into bundles no larger than 30"x30"x8"

DO place boxes and paper products at the curb in your smaller Blue Box. Place shredded paper in a clear plastic bag.

DO NOT include Christmas wrapping paper. Because of the high ink content it is not possible to recycle.

Stream #2

Includes: aluminum, tetra pak and gable top (drinking boxes, milk cartons, juice containers, etc.), glass, steel, plastic (look for the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 inside the recycling logo), foil (pie plates too), spiral wound cardboard cans, paper cups, ice cream tubs, ridged plastic, empty metal paint cans, and empty aerosol cans.

ALWAYS make certain containers are empty, remove caps/lids, flatten plastic and aluminum to reduce size.

DO place food, drink and liquid containers at the curb in your large Blue Box.

DO NOT mix materials from stream #1 & #2.

DO NOT recycle ceramics, plastic foam, plastic bags, plate glass, broken glass bottles, foil coated paper.

DO NOT make the bag too heavy (max. 20 kg/45 lbs.).


Thames Centre provides curbside garbage collection on a weekly basis from April to October, and bi-weekly from November to March.

Thames Centre funds the garbage and landfill operations through a surcharge included with the Final Tax Bill issued annually in August. Property owners receive 45 bag tags annually in January, and if additional bag tags are required, they can be purchased as required.

Additional bag tags can be purchased at a cost of $2.50/tag. Tags are available at:

  • Dorchester Foodland
  • Thorndale Farm Supply (cash or cheque only)
  • Thorndale Public Library (cash or cheque only)
  • Y & H Market (located next to the post office on Catherine Street)
  • Municipal Office - Dorchester

ANY improperly tagged garbage bag will not be picked up by the Municipal garbage collection contractor. Garbage bag tags should be folded around the neck of the bag or placed on the side of the bag facing the road to be easily seen by the collector.

DO NOT wrap the tag tightly around the neck of the bag or put the tag on a garbage can or other container.

ANY abuse of the Municipality of Thames Centre garbage bag tag system may result in penalties under By-Law # 041-2012

Multi Residential/Light Commercial Properties
Residents of multi residential properties will be required to purchase tags and set out waste in one central area. Bags will not require tags if a private dumpster is currently provided by the owners of an apartment building and is not removed by the Municipal Contractor.



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