FlightExec Centre Renovation Project

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Flight Centre Renovation: Enhancing Thames Centre

The FlightExec Centre's transformation is well underway! Our collective effort aims to elevate Thames Centre by revamping essential spaces within the premises. This project, undertaken in collaboration with MCI Design Build Corporation, is positioned to bring a host of enhancements to the heart of Thames Centre.

Project Overview

Expected to reach completion by August 2024, this initiative is driven by a vision to expand and elevate key areas within the FlightExec Centre:

Senior Centre Expansion

The Senior Centre is set to expand, introducing three multi-purpose rooms and a new kitchen shared with the adjacent auditorium. This expansion aims to accommodate a larger number of seniors, facilitating their participation in various year-round events. The increase in space allocated to VON Middlesex-Elgin will enable the relocation of the therapeutic tub and the expansion of the Adult Day Program area. This move will welcome more clients daily. Additionally, the expansion will introduce new rooms for overnight respite care.

VON Middlesex-Elgin Upgrades

Significantly expanding the rented space for VON enables the relocation of the therapeutic tub. This extension facilities community bathing facilities and amplifies the capacity of the Adult Day Program to accommodate more clients daily. Furthermore, new rooms will be introduced to provide overnight respite services.

Auditorium Enhancement

Enlargement and relocation of the auditorium within the revamped facility, coupled with access to a new shared kitchen with the Senior Centre, ensuring a more versatile and accommodating space for larger events and gatherings.

Donations & Sponsorship Opportunities

Every contribution counts! Discover how you can support the project by contributing towards specific aspects of the renovations! Your generosity fuels the realization of a vibrant and improved FlightExec Centre.

Donations can be mailed or dropped off to:

Municipality of Thames Centre

4305 Hamilton Rd

Dorchester, ON

N0L 1G3

Please note: Official donation receipts will be automatically issued for all donations over $50 (if donation is received with name of donor and mailing address) Receipts will also be issued, when requested, for donations under $50. If donating by cheque, please write "Renovation Project" on the memo line.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Room Sponsorships

Have your business name and logo, family name, or otherwise, permanently recognized on the entrance to one of the many rooms involved in this project!

Available Rooms ($50,000)

Seniors Centre

  1. Multipurpose Room #1 (Lions Den)
  2. Multipurpose Room #2 (Creative Art Studio)
  3. Multipurpose Room #3 (Activity Room)
  4. Seniors Centre's Lobby


  1. Lobby
  2. Program Room


  1. Kitchen b/w Lion's Den and Lions Community Hall
  2. Courtyard


Available Rooms ($25,000)

Seniors Centre

  1. Lounge
  2. Storage Room
  3. Coordinator Office
  4. Assistant's Office
  5. Kitchen Storage Room
  6. Universal Washroom
  7. Men's Washroom
  8. Ladies Washroom


  1. Respite Room #1
  2. Respite Room #2
  3. Tub Room


  1. Storage Room Beside Gym (Room #194)


Available Rooms ($10,000)


  1. Coordinator's Office
  2. Manager's Office
  3. Program Supervisor's Office
  4. Therapist's Office
  5. File Room
  6. Staff Room
  7. Men's Washroom
  8. Ladies Washroom
  9. Staff Washroom
  10. Kitchen
  11. Janitor's Room
  12. Storage Room
Donor Wall

A donor recognition wall will be proudly displayed in the main corridor of this renovated space that connects the Lions Senior Centre multi-purpose rooms to the Auditorium. There is no limit to the number of donors that can be recognized on the donor wall, with the following categories.

  1. Diamond ($100,000+)
  2. Platinum ($50,000+)
  3. Gold ($25,000+)
  4. Silver ($10,000+)
  5. Bronze ($5,000+)
  6. Pewter ($1,000+)

Common recognition wording on plates include things such as "The Smith Family", "Bob & Betty Jones", "ABC Company", and "In Memory of Grandpa Clark".

Building Blocks

Donations of $250 to $499, and donations of $500 to $999 will be permanently recognized by two sizes of donor plates, each one placed on one of the cinder blocks in the main corridor between the Lions Senior Centre and Auditorium.


For further information please contact:

Mike Murray - Volunteer, Fundraising Committee

e. mike@murraysellshomes.ca

p. 519.933-0253


Frequently Asked Questions

Construction Updates

Take a look at our weekly construction updates below, showcasing the remarkable transformation taking place at the FlightExec Centre!

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