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Cemetery/Administrative Coordinator
ext. 227

The Clerk's Office (administration department) provides an essential link between residents of  Thames Centre and Municipal Council.    

The Municipal Clerk performs a number of key statutory duties as required under the Municipal Act, 2001, in accordance with other Acts and the by-laws of the municipality and serves as a corporate signing officer along with the Mayor. 

The Administration department oversees and manages a variety of administrative and legislative functions for the Municipality, including Council Secretariat, the Municipal Election, Licensing, Records Management, Freedom of Information, Division Registrar and the functions of the Dorchester Union Cemetery.

Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits

What services are offered by a Commissioner of Oaths?

The Commissioners of Oaths services provided for by the Municipality of Thames Centre include the administration of an oath, affirmation or declaration in accordance with the Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act, 1990

The Declarant must be present at signing and present one original piece of government-issued photo identification (i.e. Driver's License, valid Passport, etc.)

The following lists some of the more common documents that may be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths:

  • Town Business (i.e. Site Plan Applications, Minor Variance Applications, etc.)
  • Legal Name Change Application
  • Vehicle Ownership Transfers
  • Pension Purpose Attestations
  • Consent Letter for Travelling with a Child
  • Affidavit Waiving Vaccinations 
  • Marital Status Affidavit

Please contact the Clerk's Office to determine if the document you require signing can be commissioned.

Where can I get a document commissioned?

The Municipality of Thames Centre provides the services of a Commissioner of Oaths during regular business hours at the Municipal Office.