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The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) is responsible for administering the lottery licensing program in the province - municipalities are partners with the AGCO in issuing lottery licences to eligible charitable and religious organizations.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) website refers to Charitable Lottery Licensing.

General Information
Application for Eligibility
Quick Guide to Lottery Licensing

What is a Lottery?
  • A lottery is defined as "any time consideration is paid for a chance to win a prize"
  • Examples include:
    Raffle Tickets (prize draws, 50/50 draws)
    Bingo Games
    Break Open (Nevada Tickets)
  • All lotteries require a licence either issued by a municipality or by the Provincial Government.
Who Can Obtain a Lottery Licence?

Licences can only be issued by the Municipality to charitable or non-profit charitable organizations as defined by the Gaming Control Commission. The Lottery Licencing Officer can advise organizations if they are eligible or qualify for lottery licensing and which category they may fall under.

Proceeds from lotteries must be used for a charitable or religious objects or purpose in the Province of Ontario.

Application Forms and Reports can be picked up at the Municipal Office, on the AGCO Website or from the links below.

Application for Lottery Licensing Eligibility

Bingo Lottery
Blanket Raffle Lottery
Break Open Ticket
Raffle Lottery
Social Gaming - Issued only though AGCO


For Questions Contact:

Sara Henshaw

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Deputy Clerk/Lottery Licensing Officer
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