Hydrant Flushing Program

Thursday, May 16, 2024 Flushing Update:

Flushing has been completed in the Dorchester and Thorndale water systems.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 Flushing Update:

In Dorchester, the majority of the flushing has been completed.  There are a few outlying hydrants that will be flushed today (Wednesday, May 15), but the flushing will not affect any residents.  All Dorchester residents may take their softeners off by-pass.  In Thorndale, there will be flushing in the Wye Creek Subdivision, Gerald Parkway, and Ideal Drive today (Wednesday, May 15).  Thames Centre recommends that all Thorndale residents by-pass their softeners and refrain from doing laundry during the 8-4 flushing period.  Flushing will be completed in Dorchester and Thorndale water systems by 4:00 pm today.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 Flushing Update:

Dorchester: Flushing will begin in Dorchester east of Dorchester Road (Byron Ave, Sherwood Cres., Thames Street, Oakwood Drive, etc). Thorndale: Flushing will begin at Temperance Street and move west (Brooker Trail, Leesboro Trial, Aspen Circle, etc.). The Thorndale water system is a small system, flushing on the west side of the village may cause discoloured water on the east side of the village. We still recommend bypassing your water softeners for all Thorndale residence during the 8am-4pm flushing times.


Thames Centre's Water Department flushes the fire hydrants throughout settlement areas across the municipality on certain times of the year. Flushing takes place on week days during the times of 8am and 4pm. 

Flushing is done to remove any sediment or inactive water from the distribution system and to test fire hydrant operation. These steps are being taken to improve the overall water quality within the distribution system and to ensure the delivery of the highest quality water possible.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Flushing each hydrant takes about 2 to 3 minutes.
  • During flushing customers may notice large quantities of water in the street or ditches. 
  • Switch water softeners to "bi-pass" mode.
  • Avoid laundry during flushing times; discolored water may stain clothes.
  • After flushing, run a cold water tap for 2-3 minutes to clear any discoloration. If issues persist, repeat after 1 hour.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as we work together to keep our community's water supply clean, safe, and reliable!

Should you have any additional questions feel free to contact Kevin Willson, (kwillson@thamescentre.on.ca).