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Transportation - Emergency Services

Director of Transportation
Mike LeBlanc
519-268-7334 x 235
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Transportation Superintendent
Mauro Castrilli
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 Thames Centre Roads Division Staff

Group image of Thames Centre Road Department Staff


Roads Division

The Roads Division is one of the primary operating arms of the municipality. The personnel in this division are the ones you will most likely see on your roads. Working from our Operations Centre, the municipality maintains over 200 kilometres of gravel roadways and almost 200 kilometres of hard surface (asphalt and tar & chip) roadways.  This work includes everything from patching and filling potholes, to cutting grass along roadside ditches, performing road side tree maintenance, and rebuilding roadways. 

We will remove or trim trees that are dead, diseased or dying. Occasionally we will remove a healthy tree along a roadside if it presents a danger to the traveling public because of its proximity to the travel portion of the road.

During the winter season, Roads Division personnel perform snow and ice removal on your roads. They also coordinate the winter maintenance on sidewalks and on municipally owned property in Thorndale and Dorchester.

Fleet Services

Fleet Services are responsible for the maintenance and replacement of municipally owned vehicles and equipment.  The Municipality has a replacement strategy for our public works vehicles, and with the adoption of the Fire Services into the Transportation & Emergency Services Department, we are also looking at the replacement strategy of the fire vehicles. Our purchasing practices are changing to ensure that the best and most appropriate equipment is available for each Department’s needs. 

The current practice is to replace light duty vehicles every eight years, heavy duty equipment every ten years and fire equipment every twenty years.  Commencing in 2008, the maintenance history of each piece of equipment is reviewed annually to assure that the
appropriate replacement schedule is still in effect, and to ensure that we do not keep equipment that is costly to maintain relative to similar fleet units.

Fleet Services are cognizant of the desire to minimize our ecological foot print; we have implemented a “no-idling” policy; and we are staying current on fuel technologies and will implement alternate fuels as they become economically viable.

Transportation - Emergency Services

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