Thames Centre - Online Meeting Registration

Thank your for your interest in registering to participate in the upcoming Thames Centre meeting of Council.

The public is advised that comments expressed and written material presented are a matter of public record for full disclosure.

If you are simply wishing to observe, a Youtube broadcast is available without registering at this link Thames Centre -Youtube.

Important notes before you start:
1. To participate we request that registration be completed by 4:30 p.m. on the Wednesday before the meeting. 
2. If you have not participated in a Zoom Webinar before, participation in the practice session is expected. 
3. Due to technology restraints, attendance requires participation. You should have a prepared statement for Council to consider, as the order of participation is random. If you simply wish to observe, you are invited to use the Youtube link above. 
4.  Another participation option, which could save you time, is to submit a statement to the Clerks office at, by noon on the Wednesday before the meeting. These statements will be made available for review by Council. 

Registration is required to join a Zoom Webinar meeting. Unless it is specified in the Public Notice, registration is required by noon of the Wednesday preceding the meeting. If you are experiencing issues registering at the links below or wish to submit a written comment, please contact the Clerk at before the deadline.  

To register, please follow the Meeting Registration Link below.

July 11, 2022 - Meeting Registration Link

Practice sessions are recommended for people who have never participated in an online Thames Centre meeting. We can work through technical issues and gain confidence in using Zoom Webinar format, during this time. 

Practice Session Dates:
Please submit practice Sessions requests by the Wednesday before the meeting to

How to Join
After registration, a confirmation e-mail will have a “Click Here to Join” link. You may be requested to install the zoom software depending on the device you use to join. 
Note, each meeting is unique, your practice session e-mail and link will be different from your meeting e-mail and link.

Note for Agents
As an authorized agent, your client has signed an affidavit attached to the application allowing you to act on their behalf. It could be implied or assumed, that your client agrees with your position, and the application in general. With this in mind, you may wish to advise your client, that they could choose to observe the meeting on Youtube at, forgoing the registration, training, and obligated participation at the meeting.