Missing or Damaged Blue Box

Get Blue Boxes for a newly built home

If you are moving into a newly build home, please visit the Municipal Office. Boxes are provided at no charge.

Replace a broken OR MISSING blue box

If you have a damaged blue box, please visit the Municipal Office and bring the blue box with you. A replacement will be given at no charge.

We do not replace boxes free of charge should they go missing. Blue boxes can be purchased at the Municipal Office for $6.50

Taking care of your blue boxes

You are responsible for taking care of your blue boxes and keeping them clean from odors and dirt.

Should odors/dirt pose a concern, follow these steps to keep your boxes clean:

  • Rinse with a hose and pour the water onto grass/gravel, not down the storm drain
  • Sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of your carts

Follow these steps to prevent carts from being taken/lost:

  • Write your address on the side of your boxes
  • Collect your boxes and store them on your own property, promptly, after they have been collected
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