Stormwater Management Facilities (Ponds)

During the winter season, ponds are beginning to freeze. The Municipality reminds residents and parents that stormwater management ponds are not designed or intended for recreational use such as skating or sledding – no activities on the ice are safe.

 Stormwater ponds are human-made infrastructure built to gather rainfall and surface water runoff.  The ponds temporarily hold this water before releasing it slowly back into the environment at a controlled rate.  This process means water is constantly flowing in and out of the pond, and, therefore, water levels are always changing.  Due to this process, the thickness of the ice is highly unpredictable, which makes it a serious safety hazard – that’s why residents are urged to stay off the ice!

Stormwater has several environmental impacts. Excess runoff that does not soak into the ground or flow into stormwater ponds can pick up pollutants such as oil, pesticides, bacteria, and trash flowing back into rivers and lakes. The Municipality is committed to protecting the environment and fostering a sustainable future.

 Residents can help minimize the impacts of stormwater pollution by taking these easy actions today:

  • Putting trash where it belongs and reporting litter
  • Not pouring or dumping toxic chemicals down their drains or street catch basins
  • Disposing of toxic products at local household hazardous waste centres