2023 – Porters Subdivision Watermain Replacement and Road Reconstruction – Phase 2

Scope: Phase 2 of Porters Subdivision

Phase 2 of this project will include a reconstruction of the roads, implementation of curbs and sidewalks, replacement of the watermain, and replacement/upgraded storm sewers.

Construction Start: August 2023

Construction Area and Drawings

Please click here for the Construction Drawings. 

Construction Phases Map
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How much is this project going to cost me?

The project comes at no charge to property owners. All infrastructure is being replaced/ upgraded to your property line at the Municipality’s expense. The existing infrastructure is nearing end of life and is due to be replaced.

Will I lose access to my property?

During construction there may be short-term disruptions in access. Examples: Trench Excavation in front of your property, concrete curing time for sidewalks or curbs etc. Residents who require accommodation (level entry, advanced notice, mobility assistance etc.) must contact the Municipality,  Development Engineering, or approach any construction worker wearing a white hard hat.

Will my water be turned off during construction?

Yes, expect your water to be turned off 2-4 times. The Municipality will give 48 hours’ notice by door hangers of any scheduled water disruption.

How will my garbage and recycling be collected during construction?

Label your bins with your street, and municipal number with a permanent marker. Put your garbage and recycling out as per normal practice. The contractor will collect the bags/ containers and transport them to a designated location for collection by the Municipality’s waste services.

What time will work generally occur?

Work will occur between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. No weekend work is anticipated for this project.

Should I worry about vibrations during construction?

Residents are encouraged to secure or temporarily store precious fragile and breakable items.

What is the purpose of a Storm Private Drain Connection (PDC)?

The purpose of a Storm PDC is to provide an outlet to a properties Sump Pump. The sump pump cannot collect anything other than foundation drains. Property owners are responsible for ensuring a functioning check valve exists on the pipe between the sump pump where it exists the basement foundation walls. Roof leaders are not permitted to be connected into the Storm PDC.

How will my mail be delivered during construction?

Community mailboxes are to be temporarily relocated by Canada Post. Canada Post will reach out to property owners with temporary pick-up locations.

Construction Updates/Homeowner Letters
Public Information Centre (PIC) Meeting
Municipal Contact Information

Tanner Stanton, Engineering Technologist
(519) 268-7334 ext. 235

Kevin Willson, Environmental Services Superintendent
(519) 268-7334 ext. 745

After-Hours Water Service Emergency Number: (519) 930-8118

Engineering Consultants

Development Engineering