Hamilton Road and Oakwood Drive Sanitary Sewer Project

Hamilton Road and Oakwood Drive Sanitary Sewer/ Oakwood Place Reconstruction Project

This project was initiated to service the River Heights Public School Expansion. Properties along the alignment were not currently serviced by municipal sanitary sewers. The sanitary sewer construction was shared between the Municipality, School Board, and benefitting properties along the project. All other components of the project (roadworks, watermain valves/water services, sidewalk, storm sewer, etc.) are covered under a Municipal or County capital project at no direct cost to the homeowners. The Oakwood Place portion of the project was initiated as the existing watermain and roadway was at the end of its service life. The project provided an opportunity to renew/upgrade old infrastructure, as well as bring this street to a fully serviced, urbanized roadway. In projects similar to this, the most cost-effective approach is to install/replace all underground infrastructure (sanitary sewers, storm sewers, watermains) and then upgrade the roadworks from its existing rural cross section to a new fully urban cross section, consistent with our Thames Centre Engineering Design Standards.


Cost Breakdown






Project Costs





Non-Rebatable Portion of HST + Tax Exempt Items





Total Project Costs






Sanitary Portion of Project Costs

Sanitary includes items such as concrete sanitary maintenance holes (also known as manhole structures), sewer pipes, private drain connections, and a portion of the engineering.

Sources of Financing


Thames Valley District School Board  (TVDSB)


Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) Grant


Total Costs to Be Allocated Amongst Properties



Adjusted Total Number of Lots

57 residential properties plus 13.5 for non-residential properties with larger lot sizes = 70.5


Residential Properties

Construction Costs per Residential Property


Plant Capacity Fee per Residential Property


Total Cost per Residential Property



Non-Residential Properties, excluding TVDSB

Construction Costs


Plant Capacity Fees


Total Cost per Non-Residential Property, excluding the TVDSB



Roads Portion of Project Costs

Roads include items such as road base, asphalt, curbs, sidewalks, boulevard restoration, driveway restoration, portion of the engineering

Source of Financing


County of Middlesex for Hamilton Road (a County Road)


Total Costs for Approved Capital Budget




  • Hamilton Road (Thames Crescent West Loop to Oakwood Drive): Installation of new sanitary sewer and services to the property line of each residence for connection. Reinstatement of disturbed areas to match existing conditions. Construction Dates: March 20, 2023 to May 2023.
  • Oakwood Drive (Hamilton Road to Byron Ave): Installation of a new sanitary sewer and services to the property line of each residence for connection. Reconstruction of the roadway to the current urban standard (asphalt, curb, sidewalk). Investigation and assessment to confirm if the storm sewer system needs to be replaced/upgraded. Construction Dates for the remaining 100m of Oakwood Drive: March 20, 2023 - May 2023.
  • Oakwood Place (Oakwood Drive to end of cul-de-sac): Installation of new sanitary sewer and services to the property line of each residence for connection. Replacement of existing watermain. Installation of storm sewer system. Reconstruction of the roadway to the urban standard (asphalt, curb). No sidewalk is proposed.

Engineering Consultants: WT Infrastructure

Questions/Concerns: please email inquiries@thamescentre.on.ca

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